Enabling Congolese doctors and nurses

The Mafunzo Project is a non-profit organization providing financial scholarships for Congolese students undertaking tertiary medical or nursing studies in the Democratic Republic of Congo – a country which is ridden with war, violence and political instability, and thus does not currently provide any support whatsoever to students and their families.


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Become part of a unique opportunity

Becoming part of The Mafunzo Project is a unique opportunity for you to empower local Congolese up-and-coming healthcare professionals. There is currently no other organization like this in Congo, a country in desperate need of trained healthcare professionals.

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See the direct outcome of your support

The Mafunzo Project is also unique because donors are not just giving money to an organization, but rather, are giving to an individual, with money transfer costs and exact university fees being accounted for.

As a donor, you will see the direct outcome of your support – being more trained healthcare professionals in Congo, a warzone in dire need of assistance.

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Where the training takes place

Panzi Hospital is closely associated with the local university (UEA – the Evangelical University of Africa) which runs a 7-year medical course, and the nearby technical institute (ITM) which runs a 4-year nursing course. These medical and nursing students have lectures and practical lessons at the university, and then have most clinical rotations at Panzi Hospital, where they can also be particularly trained in the medical, surgical and psychological management of the survivors of sexual violence and rape victims.

Panzi Hospital is a general hospital based in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, which has developed a special unit to provide medical and psychological treatment to victims of sexual violence – rape being a particularly common ‘weapon of war’ and intimidation tactic used by rebel groups and the local army. As a result, Panzi Hospital, and its Medical Director, Dr Denis Mukwege, (a Congolese gynaecologist) are world-renowned and Panzi has now become a teaching hospital.

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Meet Emily and the project committee

The Mafunzo Project is directed and run by Dr Emily Isham (based in Tasmania, Australia). She has established a Congolese committee to administer and manage the Project in Bukavu and distribute the funds appropriately. This committee consists of:

  • Dr Denis Mukwege Mukengere
    Medical Director of Panzi Hospital
  • Mr Apolo Kabuto-Mutumbi
    Nursing Director of Panzi Hospital
  • Prof Gustave Mushagalusa
    Chancellor of UEA: Evangelical University of Africa
  • Mr Balthazar Muhigirwa
    Director of ITM: Technical Medical Institute
  • Mr Hilaire Masheka Mirango
    Project Coordinator and Supervisor
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Help restore Congo by strengthening and building up its professional healthcare body.