Their stories

Read about some of the difficulties Congolese medical
and nursing students face on a daily basis.


  • 40 year old female nurse
  • Married with ten children (two sets of twins)
  • 3rd year of studies

“Since I was a child I had always hoped to become a nurse. I could’ve studied earlier [in my life] but did not have the money or means to do so. Even now I find it very difficult to find the money for fees.

My husband does not earn enough to support our family and my studies. At time we have to ask other members of the family for money.

I only have time to study during the night while my children are sleeping, this leaves me very little time to sleep myself.

I don’t have enough money to pay for materials, and if any one of us is sick we cannot pay the medical bills. But despite all this I really enjoy the studies and look forward to being a nurse, only two more years to go!”

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