Their stories

Read about some of the difficulties Congolese medical
and nursing students face on a daily basis.


  • 23 year old female
  • 5th year medicine
  • Only member of the family to study medicine

I’ve had an ambition for medicine from childhood. I love the course and even though it is hard I am adapting slowly and I really do love the study. I love it because of the possibilities it offers me. I really want to specialise in Paediatrics.

The means for me to study are hard to come by. I don’t have time to work to fund my studies and with only my mother working, my parents don’t have enough to support me.

I am one of six children; four of us are at university. My parents didn’t go to university.

I try to find time to study, fitting it around housework and other work. It takes me 40-50 minutes to get each way to university by foot.

I would like to have a family of my own in the future.

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