Their stories

Read about some of the difficulties Congolese medical
and nursing students face on a daily basis.


  • 23 year old male
  • Single
  • 4th year medical student

I love studying medicine because I grew up with my uncle who suffered from Diabetes, when a nurse came for free to look after him I resolved then that I wanted to heal people. My family also wanted me to study medicine because we have some nurses in the family.

My family live a long way away in a village, so I am living in a nearby share-house with my friends. I don’t work because I am always studying, it takes up all my time.

I love the studies but it is very difficult to finance. I can’t sit the upcoming exams because I can’t pay for them. My uncle has helped me pay for the fees in the past but now he is just too sick.

I’m the third of ten children and the only one at university. If I have to means I’d like to specialise in O&G (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) or cardiovascular surgery. I would also like work here in DRC if there is work available.

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