Their stories

Read about some of the difficulties Congolese medical
and nursing students face on a daily basis.


  • 27 year old female
  • single
  • 5th year medical student

I chose to do medicine because since a child I have always really disliked seeing people suffer. People suffer, but there is no-one around who can cure them or help them. I love children and want to specialise in Paediatrics, and one-day work all over the world. I really like studying medicine.

My family lives in a village away from here. I’m living in a share-house with my friends. I don’t have time to work, but my family were able to help me out with my first year of studies. The government does not help with any fees, and my family no longer have the means to support me further. I have some relatives who help occasionally, but it is really difficult to pay the fees, and for medical books. Despite how much I enjoy this course I am running out of money and may have to abandon my studies at the end of year.

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